Ben Jarvis Testimonial

Testimonial to Tony and Mark 27-11-2012 from:

Ben Jarvis
Regional Sales Manager, South West VIRGIN ACTIVE HEALTH CLUBS

Hi Tony/Mark,

Thanks very much for all your support over the last few months - getting back into training has definitely been a highlight of my time out West!

Having been a competitive martial artist for many years, I was really hesitant about returning after a long period without training. Increasing work commitments had long been my excuse and the thought of dealing with aggressive, testosterone-fuelled 'fighters' after a long day was something I desperately wanted to avoid. After visiting a couple of places, FFMA seemed like the ideal solution.

I've really benefited from your ability to balance a laid back, friendly atmosphere while also providing high quality coaching at a level which more than rivals any of the bigger schools locally. You successfully manage to cater toward those who wish to compete in MMA, kickboxing or BJJ as well as the casual enthusiast who only has time to train 1-2 times per week. This has enabled me to lose weight and get back into shape while learning effective, contemporary martial arts techniques at my own pace. All without having to worry about injuries or turning up to the office with a black eye the next morning!

Thanks so much Tony, Mark and everyone at FFMA!

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