Mark Waddington's Testimonial

"Immense" is a word I would use for each training session.

I have been attending FFMA for three months now and I'm hooked. I wake up on Wednesday mornings and start to get fidgety and the energy and anticipation grows every hour until the evening when I am positively buzzing with adrenalin!

I trained in Wado Ryu Karate for seven years in the same classes as Ed Hayes until recently when my instructor had to close the class for one reason or another. Ed relentlessly pestered me every week to go and train with him at FFMA but I couldn't make the time. If you are a friend of Ed, he will never give up on you and so I gave in, made the time and went.

"Immense" is a word I would use for each training session. Hard hitting drills, heavy pad work, tunnel vision concentration and euphoric exhaustion to end! I leave each session with knowledge buzzing inside my head and even though I am totally drained, I don't sleep that night!

Tony is violently passionate about training and his enthusiasm into each drill and motivation is addictive. The power that man generates is unbelievable. Alan is a true and humble warrior with a kind look in his eye which belies a side which is raw aggression.

I have gained so much in my few sessions. I can't believe I can survive Tony's combat conditioning at the end of each session which has improved my fitness level massively. I feel more positive and less aggressive in my daily life and have gained 10 lbs in muscle weight which I have tried to do for years now. I feel I am punching and kicking harder and now have to wear wraps as my wrists ache after each session!!

You can tailor the sessions to fit your age and health levels or go full on "hang out your ass" which is always the way if you want to progress. I'm going to have to make more time to attend Mondays sessions soon!

Thanks guys!

Mark Waddington FFMA Student

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