Roger Gilbert's Testimonial

"If 60 is the new 40 then I could well be accused of having a mid-life crisis!"

"Just prior to my 60th birthday I was encouraged to try out MMA at Fighting Fit Martial Arts in Bishop's Cleeve. I thought it might help me get back in shape, although I was somewhat apprehensive going for the first time. However, after just eight months of twice- weekly classes I'm a convert. I not only feel better about myself, I've lost weight (yet without modifying my diet), I move easier, I can touch my toes and I'm more confident everywhere I go - I'm no longer a pushover. The class instruction is great, it's inclusive no matter what level or age you are and there's a strong feeling of comradeship among the students. I've got my first belt in MMA and my first stripe in BJJ. I'm getting better all the time and see goals I can achieve that didn't seem possible just a few months ago. Am I having a mid-life crisis - no, I've just found a new lease on life thanks to the guys at Fighting Fit."

Roger Gilbert, FFMA Student.

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