Stephen Lafferty's Testimonial

Training in the FFMA system is a life-changing experience.

I have been training privately with Tony in the FFMA system for two months now and I have noticed a dramatic change in my attitude towards and thoughts about martial arts. Tony has really helped me to learn about loosening up and the importance of relaxing when training. I used to find myself exhausted before a traditional martial arts training session was over. With Tony, I find that even with an hour of constant movement and drilling that I want the session to go on for longer and that I work as hard at the end as I do when fresh at the start.

Tony's lessons are inspirational. He trains in a holistic way, working the mind as well as the body, feeding it with ideas and encouraging it to grow. In this way, the sessions continue to have a beneficial effect long after the pads and gloves have been put away. I find that I leave a lesson buzzing with energy and ideas, my self-esteem raised by meeting the challenges of training and having Tony encouraging me to raise my game.

Tony has a solid grounding in Shotokan Karate but his tuition is not confined to one style of martial arts. He incorporates aspects of Japanese, Chinese, Western and Russian, etc arts into his style. The result of his many years of experience is a system that emphasises relaxation, movement, breathing, self-control and focus. It is a liberating feeling to flow through a drill with Tony. It really helps to see how the techniques come together and work in a training scenario that is very close to real.

I always leave a lesson looking forward to the next one and the positive messages that I receive really do help me with my everyday life. A lesson with Tony is a whole-person workout and not just the body. After one lesson, you won't look at yourself or martial arts in the same way again.

Stephen Lafferty (FFMA Private Student)

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