Tavion Lewis's Testimonial

"Feeling Great!"

Entering into my 42nd year I was becoming more and more aware of Mid-life creeping in on me. I was carrying a bit too much weight and generally not as fit as I once was so decided to look for a new way to keep fit.

I began training with Tony, Alan and the club members on a regular basis and was pleasantly surprised how friendly and welcoming everyone was. I have found the training to be incredibly additive and beneficial. Weight loss, toning and an overall much fitter feeling come very quickly. The training sessions are well thought out, interesting and seem to go in a flash!

I have now been with the club for around six months and have seen quite a change in my physique, health and general well being. I have more energy and feel more relaxed.

A short while ago I began training privately with Tony. These sessions have brought me on very quickly, and Tony's teaching methods are excellent! I leave the sessions with techniques mastered that I didn't think I had in me! Tony has also helped me with nutrition and devised a daily exercise plan for me to follow at home.

Alan is a very knowledgeable fitness instructor and his motivation and enthusiasm encourages us all in our sessions. He has also been kind enough to go running with me regularly.

I have received many compliments from friends and family and at my time of life that feels great! Overall, I would recommend the club to anyone wanting to get fit and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Tavion Lewis FFMA Student

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