Background on James O Hanlon

James O Hanlon - BJJ Coach


  • Name: James O Hanlon
  • D.O.B: 21-01-1988
  • BJJ: purple belt graded by Chico Mendes (Checkmat)

Jim has over 5 years' experience/training in Brazilian jujitsu and is a purple belt under Chico Mendes. He competes regularly both nationally and internationally and his proudest achievements to date are a silver medal in the Portuguese national open (blue belt) and a gold medal in the 2014 Checkmat interclub (blue belt). James also enjoys cross training in other martial arts, particularly the many styles of wrestling that complement jiu-jitsu. He has had success in submission wrestling tournaments including a bronze medal in the British national open. He is now learning to apply his grappling knowledge in the sport of mixed martial arts with the help of coaches Mark Collett and Tony Terranova.

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