Background on Emma Terranova

Emma Terranova - Kickboxing Coach

DOB - 03/11/1989

Nickname: Hobbit, short stuff, little one - any general mockery of my height!

Martial arts training: privately with my dad Tony Terranova, Khon Ha Kickboxing, British Combat, Fighting Fit Martial Arts system, now training Thai boxing.

My initial training started with some old school shotokan karate lessons from my dad when I was young, but soon ended when I found the world of make up and shoes! However I became interested again and serious about training in a martial art at the tender age of 15. I joined MSD Khon Ha Kickboxing and progressed to blue belt in my three years there. Since then I have been dedicated to FFMA and helping to make it established for the great academy it is.

I have also trained with Geoff Thompson on his BCA course to be accredited to a level 1 instructor, and participated in many great seminars and training days held by the BCA. I have when time allows trained privately with my dad and the other experienced coaches at FFMA, and have recently gained 1st Kyu (Brown Belt) FFMA - MMA Kickboxing Syllabus.

Whilst studying at University I hold my own 'Ladies Only' boxing and fitness class for FFMA in Bishops Cleeve once a week and train in Thai Boxing at Sweatbox Studio in Bristol. I hope to continue and develop my skills whilst at University until I can return to FFMA full time in two years when I qualify as a Paramedic.

That's my little background, enjoy your training and remember no pain no gain!! Train hard and make sure you have fun while you're doing it!

Emma Terranova

FFMA Coach

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