Our Mixed Martial Arts Principles

Why do Martial Arts training?

After a tough day in today's frenetic world, training in a friendly, motivational martial based environment, hitting the bag and pads, wrestling and doing specific combat conditioning exercises is an enjoyable way of getting rid of our emotional waste. Additionally, you will meet new friends, improve your fitness, strength and endurance and develop valuable self protection skills.

Training Methods

Our mixed martial arts training is based on using various principles, concepts and techniques derived from various forms of martial arts. We apply an open minded coaching philosophy based on the concept that there is no exact science of combat. We evaluate and practice principles and techniques based on our research and experience. We believe that the art is in the effectiveness of the technique.

Training Overview

We bring together the old and new by promoting the old traditional martial arts core values of respect and using new hybrid training methods. We use a variety of principles, concepts and techniques derived from the following martial arts:

  • Stand-Up using kickboxing and Thai Boxing principles
  • Western Boxing
  • BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)
  • MMA; we integrate BJJ together with our own principles to provide an effective mixed martial arts package.

Our class sessions are based on the effectiveness of mixed martial arts, providing practical workouts that incorporate kinetic and cardiovascular body movements using a variety of combat conditioning exercises.

Students train at their own pace/level and are guided by our coaches to ensure they are training correctly resulting in an increase in self confidence. We offer a beginners and advanced class for each session, providing a structured and ‘alive biased’ training platform for students to gradually progress to a good technical level.

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